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 Press Releases TOYOTA All Star Showdown
The Stock Building Supply 4th Annual Home Improvement Show

   Rip Michels Racing and Stock Building Supply are proud to announce the 4th annual Stock Building Supply Home Improvement Show this coming Saturday, August 1, 2009 at the Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, California.
   Stock Building Supply has been a supporter of West Coast racing for over 11 years. Not only is Stock sponsoring the Twin 50 lap races, they will also be conducting a spectacular home improvement show. The Home Show will featuring displays from many of the nation’s largest manufacturers and distributors of the top brand name power tools, windows, doors, decking, siding, fasteners, connectors, paint, and more. (Full Story)

Rip Michels & Hot Rod Hobbies Join Forces

   Rip Michels Racing and Hot Rod Hobbies/Jimmy Babcock Racing League (JBRL) partner for the May 16, 2009 SLM race at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale. Hot Rod Hobbies /JBRL are owned by Jimmy Babcock. Jimmy is a long time friend of Rip & Laurie Michels. Jimmy served as Rip’s crew chief and tire specialist on the Grand American Modified championship team in 2000 at Irwindale. “I can’t thank Jimmy enough for his support of our race team. We were about done, and this will get us to a few more races.
   Michels powers into race number 7 of 21 this coming weekend at Toyota Speedway. Michels, the all time win leader with 57 career victories, looks to add one more victory to an already stellar career. The eight time champion, including ‘02, ‘03, and ‘07 in the SLM division at Toyota Speedway, has had a tough time finding victory lane this year. “It amazes me how quick things change in racing, since they moved the victory lane location; we just can’t find it… ” commented Rip. “In fact, we had a team meeting, and thought we needed to add a GPS system to the car to help us find it, but thought better of it. We simply could not add any more weight to the car; we need to keep off all the extra weight just to keep up with Nick Joanides horsepower.”
   Michels comes into Saturday night’s race 2nd in points, 32 points back from Nick Jonaides. “Everyone has stepped up their racing programs since we competed full time in 2007, and we’re just a little behind. We made some big gains in the set-up, but just haven’t put it all together for an entire race,” says Crew Chief, Roger Theabold.
   “Having managed Rip’s team since 2002, this year has been difficult for all of us,” says Team Manager, Michael Medlin. “Every year we had a racing budget, a schedule, and a goal of winning races. Now, we are on a race to race basis, and it’s a challenge to get on top of your game without sponsorship & testing. We are really thankful for all of the sponsors who have helped us out this year. At least for now, we can race, which is better than the alternative.” (Full Story)


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